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Regular price for Real Estate website with RETS is about $3000 without support
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Official representative in Miami area:
Alfredo Ruiz
Toll Free: 1 (800) 559-5729
(English and Spanish languages)

Do you need a powerful South Florida Real Estate website?
  • Has your site become outdated?
  • Does your site have enough features?
  • Does your site include all of the required information that you need?
Buy your own «IntRE» website to get:
  • IDX MLS search (50+ parameters).
  • 1,000+ pages of “Condos” and “New Developments” with detailed descriptions and floor plans.
  • Pages with detailed information of the South Florida region main cities.
  • Property map search – Google Map coordinates in the database for quick map search.
  • “Favorite properties” and “Saved searches” for registered users.
  • Mobile devices and Search engine friendly code (SEO friendly).
  • MLS images and text errors auto correction.
  • Admin back-end: WordPress + Avada (licenced vesion).
  • IntRE support (monthly fee $14.9) + new plugins and extensions free installation (5 Gb free hosting included).
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1,000+ Pre-installed Pages with detailed condos description

Market Report for 45 South Florida Cities – FOR FREE (save $99.90)

Home Valuation Page – FOR FREE (save $20)

Any Color Scheme – FOR FREE (save $9.90)

Any Homepage Video – FOR FREE (save $9.90)


Get your new website in 24 hours with our special gifts:
– Market Report for 46 South Florida Cities – FOR FREE (save $99.90);
– Home Valuation Page – FOR FREE (save $20);
– Any Color Scheme – FOR FREE (save $9.90);
– Any Homepage Video – FOR FREE (save $9.90).

Buy your new website!

Our representative in South Florida area:
Alfredo Ruiz, Toll Free: 1 (800) 559-5729
(English or Spanish languages)

Is it all about Miami? I work Broward county as well. Do you have the Broward MLS feed?2019-07-18T18:34:33+04:00

We use MIAMI MLS feed.
MIAMI MLS covers these areas: MIAMI, Broward, and Palm Beach. It has (A)-, (F), and (R)-listings.
We provide you only the (A) listings.

Will I get a fully filled web-site for only $190?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00
IDX plugin WordPress RETS connection to MLS feed IS FREE


Yes indeed, it IS!
You can do an order for a completed Real Estate site now for $190* with monthly inscription only for $14.90!
Hosting fee is included to monthly inscription fee.
MLS available: Miami association of Realtors.
CMS: WordPress
Theme: Avada.

*the price $190 understands the site acquisition is fully analogical to the represented on a demo-version.
Only the contact data of the realtor agent or agency, logo and image at homepage slider will be changed.


  • your domain name;
  • your License number;
  • your company logo;
  • your business contact data;
  • your preferred image for “Contacts” page.


I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a credit card?2017-06-14T20:09:16+04:00

Yes you can, but for one time payments only (not for subscription).
You can pay for your purchases either directly via PayPal or, if you do not have an account, with bank cards via a special payments interface of PayPal. In this case, you do not need to create an account.

You can make the payment with a bank card:
– Master Card
– American Express
– Discover Network

How does it work?
After you finish placing your order in the “Cart” and proceed to the checkout, the system will automatically redirect you to a secure page of the international payment system PayPal.
You need to click on the link “I do not have an account in the system”

A page will then open allowing you to pay with a credit card.

Fill out all required fields and press “Pay”.
Immediately after the payment, you will automatically receive notification confirming that the payment was successful.

Which MLS feed will you be getting for my site?2019-07-19T09:18:12+04:00

We use the MIAMI MLS feed.
MIAMI MLS covers these areas: MIAMI, Broward, and Palm Beach.
We provide you only the (A) listings.

How often will the website update info come from MLS?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00

Updating the web-site database – every 20 minutes.

Can I make any changes myself?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00

Yes you can.
You can make any changes at pages (add, modify, delete etc.) by yourself.
It’s WordPress CMS, Avada premium theme.
Here you can find «User Guide» for Avada theme:
You can also hire us for this service.
Our rates: $20 / hour.

For example:
– new «condo» or «new development» page: $20 (you have to send us images and text);
– blog article: $10 (you have to send us images and text);
– text changed at existed pages: $5-$7.

If I would need you to make the changes to the website what are your rates?2016-05-26T10:21:39+04:00

Our rates are $20 per hour.
We can make any changes you need.

When will the site be operational after I made my payment?2017-11-19T18:41:18+04:00

The site will be running up in 24 hours after the payment and application form receiving.

Can I choose my domain name?2016-04-15T14:12:08+04:00

Yes you can.
You can choose any domain name you want and we’ll register it at our server.
All you have to do: change “nameservers” (DNS).
Any problem? We’ll help you!
We recommend you use for purchasing domain name.

What’s your preferences?2019-07-19T09:20:34+04:00

IntRE information:
– Quick search + Advanced search in MLS feed (51 parameters) – table, grid, listing and map view.
– Mobile devices and Search engines friendly code (SEO friendly).
– Admin backend – WordPress (79% of the world’s websites) plus Avada (World bestseller theme).
– Main cities info pages with detailed information.
– 950+ pages with detailed Condos and New Developments description (with floor plans).
– WPML plugin (translation ready) included as default.
– User registration.
– Favorite properties in “My account”.
– Saved searches in “My account” with e-mail “New Properties in This Search” notification.
– “Save search” and “Add to favorite” buttons – each visitor will be asked for registration before usage. You’ll get his e-mail data.
– MLS image auto-correction (white background will be cut).
– IntRE new plugins and extensions free installation.
– Property map search – Google Map coordinates in the database for quick map search.
– Preferred properties on most important pages.
– Property page with improved information fields (modified some incorrect information) plus all important fields, modified photos, etc.

How much does your site cost?2016-06-05T19:20:25+04:00

Payment information:
– One time payment for IntRE website – $190 (including installation, connection to MLS Feed Miami by RETS, MLS search).
We are not renting the site.
You are purchasing it and it becomes your property – after sale you can introduce any alterations, update or modify the site.
– Monthly fee is $14.9 (including hosting, MLS search, IntRE updates and RETS service).

You are not in the United States and that makes us unsure. How can we overcome that factor?2017-04-26T11:36:17+04:00

We are a company which is registered in the European Union (Lithuania).
Not India, not China, not Vietnam.
We have built already a lot of Real Estate web-sites for Miami real estate agents who are working and living in Miami.

Europos Prekybos Tinklas, IĮ
LT-01108, J.Savickogo g. 4,
Vilnius, Lithuania (European Union)
Registration code: 303191154
Phone: +370 622 16626 (9:00 – 18:00, CET)
e-mail request: contact us

Any questions – please feel free contact us.

Can I make any changes at web-site pages and property pages?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00

You can change any texts and images in “condo” and “new developments” etc. pages. Properties pages can’t be changed.
But some changes in the properties pages can be made by your web-master with the plugin settings changed. You’ll get all credentials inside the WordPress backend.

Do you use Flash player at the “Homepage”? Is it included?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00

We don’t use Flash because of it’s incompatibility with mobile devices. We use HTML5 only.
As for the video at the homepage – you can place any video there in *.mp4 format or any image.

Do you have only condo and home listings or also another ones?2016-10-20T14:48:57+04:00
RETS connection to Miami MLS feed

Commercial and other types of listings are included – please try advanced search.

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Vilnius, Lithuania (European Union)
Europos Prekybos Tinklas, IĮ
LT-01108, J.Savickogo g. 4
Registration code: 303191154

Our representative in South Florida area:
Alfredo Ruiz, Toll Free: 1 (800) 559-5729
(English or Spanish languages)